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Deerfield Fabrication & Welding

Tubular (4-pack) Sand Spikes

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The Tubular (4-pack)!!!!

 Bundle and Save!!!

The tubular sand spike is 47.5” long and 2” diameter aluminum tube. This sand spike features a Deerfield Tube Cap made of flexible polymer plastic cap that protects your reel and also doubles as a great spot to lay your rod into the notch for tying on rigs or putting on some fresh bait!!! The tubular sand spike is one of the most stable spike in the surf. They sink into the sand with ease and stay put!!!

Made in the USA.

2” outer diameter

1.87” inside diameter

overall length 47.5”

Individual spike weight 1-lb 12-oz

Includes: 4 - Tubular Sand Spikes

 *rod and reel not included *

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Todd Spencer
Great Spikes

Ordered the 4-pack 47.5" sand spikes. Had a tab added near the top with a hole to hang a carabiner to hold a towel, tool etc... Superior workmanship, very clean welds. Easy to sink in sand and high enough to keep the rod out of the wash and the new rubber tube caps are a must to protect your investment. Will be purchasing a second set to round out what I need for my fishing crew. Thank you for the great service.

Steve Thomson
Look great, can't wait to use them

I have watched these tubular rod holders being used by u-tubers. They take a lot of brutal force when big fish strike. I have seen where large sharks have pulled these down and fishermen have had to chase their rods to the surf. nothing is perfect, but these tubular rod holders are as close as you will get.

Shawn Loubriel
Sand Pikes

Was a little weary of the price , but I believe I will have these forever . Solid … set it and forget it . Awesome quality ! Would highly recommend!

Better than pvc

The tubular sand spikes are easy to push into the sand and are indestructible but they are bulky when you have 4 of them . I think they would be better if they they were 1 1/4 inches in diameter