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Deerfield Fabrication & Welding

Tubular Sand Spike

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The tubular sand spike is 47.5” long and 2” diameter aluminum tube. This sand spike features a UV plastic to cap that protects your reel and also doubles as a great spot to lay your rod into the notch for tying on rigs or putting on some fresh bait!!! The tubular sand spike is one of the most stable spike in the surf. They sink into the sand with ease and stay put!!!

Customer Reviews

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Michael Leahey

Great product, I now have four of these holders.

Jonalyn G.
Awesome sand spikes!

Finally was able to take them out about a week ago and this was the first time that I didn't have my rods and spikes fall into the sand when I got a bite. Even my wife said she loves them. Will definitely be ordering more whenever the time comes.

Scott Vranich
Best surf fishing gear ever!

Over the past few years I have purchased a cart and many accessories from Brian! Top quality and craftsmanship to say the least! Fast shipping and great communication I’ll never go anywhere else if I’m in the need of surf fishing gear!

Sean Lawless
Tough Sand Spikes

I love my new metal sand spikes. They are practically indestructable and work better than advertised!

Travis Abner
Excellent Sand Spikes

Deerfield comes highly recommended by a lot of the east coast and gulf coast surf fishing crowd. After busting one of my pvc spikes attempting to get it deep enough in the sand to stay up, I opted to spring for a couple of these. I was leery of trusting pvc tubes being used day in and day out, especially with my more expensive surf reels. These are super simple in construction, but that's what I like about them. They're also crazy durable. I can throw them in the back of my truck and not worry about them getting hung up in the rest of my stuff. Operation is simple, jam them in the sand, maybe rotate or wiggle a bit to get them seating extra deep, then commence slaying copious amounts of saltwater critters from the surf. As an added plus, you can use them as a whale harpoon or home defense weapon(check local laws and regs, I expect this would be HIGHLY illegal, but a possibility nonetheless if you're in a pinch). If you spend much time on the beach, spring for a couple of these. You won't be disappointed. Just say "NO" to pvc!